​How We Help Realtors ​Get More Listings

Partnering with Larimar Will Elevate Your Brand

How your listings appear in the MLS photos say more about you as an agent than they do about the house. What do your ​MLS photos say about your commitment to ​marketing your listings effectively, generating more interest, bringing more buyers to view the home, selling faster and getting your clients more money at the closing table? ​Prospective listing clients will ​be looking at your current and previous listings online, and they will take note of what these photos say about the level of service and value you ​offer.

In the age of the internet, home buying is a process of elimination, and the first elimination round occurs online.

When you ​partner with Larimar to both professionally stage ​​and professionally photograph your listings for ​MLS photos ​(photos are included with both our Occupied and Vacant Staging Packages) you are proving your commitment to get the best results for your ​sellers. This will have a ​positive impact on your reputation. The improvement in your statistics for days on market and percentage of ​asking price​, which you'll be able to proudly share with prospective clients during your listing presentations, will earn you more listings and fill​ your pipeline.

​If paying to stag​e each listing is not within your marketing budget, we suggest you instead include 
Larimar's Listing Consultation ​in your listing package. From there, we can take on the challenge of ​convincing home sellers to stage their listing, but even if they choose not to do anything more than follow our recommendations for updates ​(like new paint) and DIY instructions for preparing their home for the market,​ both you and your sellers have​ gone a long way toward making the home more appealing to buyers. ​