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Airbnb Services Ranging from Consulting to Set-Up

What story are your marketing photos telling potential guests about your short-term rental? What kind of reviews have you been getting? What are you doing to improve your position in Airbnb or VRBO search results? Is your vacation rental Instagram-able? Pinterest-worthy? How does it compare to your local competition? 

Whether you're looking to give an existing STR or vacation rental a makeover or you're starting from scratch, we offer a variety of services to help you get your best return on investment and improve your profitability.

  • CONSULTATION - A few recommendations for some simple changes may go a long way in getting you more 5-star reviews. Just as we help home sellers prepare homes before going on the market, we help those of you who own, manage, and/or host Airbnbs and other types of short-term rentals (STRs) and vacation rentals by recommending ways you can elevate the perceived value of your property in both form and function, so more travelers will view it as a desirable place to stay. We will recommend ways you can improve your marketing efforts and hospitality, as well as aesthetics. Following the recommendations provided during this consultation will help increase your bookings as well as justify a higher nightly rate. After our consultation is completed, we can proceed to Phase 1 (described below) or you can elect to go the DIY route.
  • PHASE 1: budgeting, design planning, AND SHOPPING LIST - We'll help you come up with a budget and create a design plan that is both practical and appealing to guests. You'll receive visual concepts, furniture layouts, and a shopping list. With all of these in hand, you can take over from here and finish setting up your vacation rental yourself, or elect to proceed with Phase 2 below. 
  • PHASE 2: PROCUREMENT, DELIVERY, STYLING AND STOCKING - This is the most time-consuming and labor intensive part of setting up an STR or vacation rental, and a lot of our clients just don't have the time, patience, or energy. Most also lack the expertise to style a property like a home stager. During this phase, we will take care of the shopping, tracking and receiving orders, furniture assembly, disposing of all the packaging waste, delivery of the assets to your rental, hanging the artwork, styling the beds, washing all the kitchenware and linens, getting everything in it's proper place, and stocking a month's-worth of cleaning supplies and guest amenities (coffee, toilet paper, shampoo, etc). 
  • PHASE 3: PHOTOGRAPHY AND GUEST WELCOME BOOK - Larimar will partner with a professional photographer and get all the necessary photos of the property you'll need to effectively market your listing on the rental platforms and social media. We will be on site when the photos are taken to make sure the property is styled to perfection, and the photographer gets all of the "money shots". We will use these photos to create your Guest Welcome Book, which will include information on the surrounding attractions and amenities as well as your house rules and illustrated instructions for things such as how to use the remote control, where to find the fire extinguisher, etc. The Welcome Book will be offered in a digital format so your guests will be able to easily access it from any smart phone, tablet or laptop.   A pdf of the Welcome Book will also be provided to you should you need to update it at a later time and/or wish to have it professionally printed in a hard-copy format. 

There is no "one-size-fits-all" fee for Phases 1-3. We custom quote each STR and each phase based on a variety of factors. If you'd like to receive a proposal, and you are not looking for any advice, we are willing to take a look at the STR for free to assess the scope of work and gather the information we need to determine if, and which, Larimar's services well be a good fit for your needs. We call this a "preview" and it can be done on-site at the STR or through a live Zoom meeting. If you are looking for recommendations or design guidance, please schedule one of our consultations instead.

Phase 1 is a prerequisite to move forward with Larimar for Phases 2 and 3. Phases 2 and 3 are only available for short-term rentals in Southern California, but the Consultation and Phase 1 can be provided remotely for STRs anywhere in the world using a variety of online services and platforms, provided that all participants speak fluent English or provide their own translator at their expense. 

We are more than happy to offer consulting and design for vacation rentals on all platforms, such as VRBO, HomeAway,, Expedia, Furnished Finders, and TripAdviser; but we specialize in Airbnb and strive to meet the standards they require to qualify for their Airbnb Plus designation. If your vacation rental meets Airbnb Plus standards, you'll do quite well on other platforms, as well.

If you're not ready to schedule a consultation or free preview using one of the buttons provided above, but would still like to discuss Larimar's STR services, give us call at

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