Airbnb Interior Design: Services Ranging from Consulting to Set Up

Well Designed Airbnb = Great Marketing Photos = More Clicks = More Bookings =

 More Money!

Competition on Airbnb is fierce! Every month, there are 14,000 new hosts on the Airbnb platform. Growth means more supply, and lackluster listings are no longer cutting it. To compete, your listing needs to stand out above the others. If you simply bought a cheap investment property, spent no money updating it, and are furnishing it with worn, outdated, mismatched junk from garage sales or eBay, you may have saved money in the short-term setting up your vacation rental, but in the long-term, it isn't going to be as profitable as it could.

Airbnb and other vacation rental platforms are search engines, so search engine optimization (SEO) is vital in getting more exposure (and more bookings). The title, captions, and photos all matter when attempting to generate better SEO and more interest in your vacation rental. Reviews are also considered, and great Airbnbs that are well-designed, comfortable, and well-stocked for hospitality get great reviews. All of this will get your vacation rental better SEO, more viewings, and more bookings.

Larimar Home Staging can offer a re-design of your existing Airbnb, using as much as possible of what you already have in the rental, or we can create a fresh, new design from scratch. We can offer one or more of the a la carte services listed below, or we can put together a full service package where we create the Airbnb from an empty space to the first booked guest. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

We offer Airbnb eDesign services (where we'll create a design plan, create and submit visual concept boards and renderings, source the furnishings, decor and amenities, and provide a clickable online shopping list) for any Airbnb in the United States.

For Airbnbs in Southern California, we can also offer shopping, delivery, and installation. Our full service package includes marketing photos of the completed Airbnb. Furthermore, we can train your turnover staff, so they know how to reset the stage between every booking, to ensure that every guest who walks in sees the same space they saw in the online photos (you don't want any of those negative "it was nothing like the photos" reviews). 

We are more than happy to offer consulting and design for all vacation rentals on all platforms, such as VRBO, HomeAway,, Expedia, and TripAdviser; but when it comes to our marketing strategy for vacation rentals and specific requirements for design and hospitality, we strive to meet the standards Airbnb seeks to qualify for their Airbnb Plus designation. Since it's likely that Airbnb Plus has the highest quality standards, if your vacation rental meets those, you'll probably do quite well on other platforms.

Here is a list of services we can provide to set up or refresh your Airbnb or other vacation rental: 

  • Remote Design Consultations Via Teleconferencing
  • On-Site Design Consultations*
  • Design Planning and Concept Boards
  • Sourcing and Shopping Lists with Clickable Links
  • Sourcing, Shopping, Delivery and Installation*
  • Photo Prep and Professional Marketing Photos*
  • Hands-On Re-Staging Training of Turnover Staff*
  • Detailed, Illustrated Turnover Templates

* Services marked with an asterisk are only available in Southern California

Give us call to discuss your Airbnb design & set up needs

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