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Whether you're looking to give an existing Airbnb a refresh or you're starting from scratch with a new rental, Larimar offers a variety of packages to help Airbnb investors get the best return on investment and improve your profitability with a great design and marketing strategy.

What story are your marketing photos telling potential guests about your Airbnb? What kind of reviews have you been getting? What are you doing to improve your position in Airbnb search results (or VRBO, or any other platforms your short-term rental is listed)? Is your Airbnb Instagram-able? Pinterest-worthy? How does it compare to your local competition? 

Maybe you're starting from scratch with a brand new Airbnb. Where should you start? What will you need? How much will it cost?

Whether you're starting from scratch or just looking for an Airbnb makeover, we can help you come up with a realistic budget, design plan, and shopping list. We also offer procurement, installation, and styling services, as well as hosting and marketing tools. Keep scrolling for a more detailed description of each package we offer.


A consultation is the first step and a prerequisite for any of Larimar's other Airbnb services. And it's not just for Airbnbs. Whether you have a short-term rental (STR), mid-term rental, furnished corporate housing, or vacation home you plan on listing on any other platform, such as VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner), HomeAway, Furnished Finder, or your own website, we can help! 

A certified short-term rental consultant will meet with you either at your rental property or online in a Zoom meeting and spend up to two hours with you answering any questions you may have and offering design recommendations that will attract your ideal guests. Implementing our suggestions will improve your rental's aesthetics, functionality, and level of hospitality, therefore improving your reviews, which will bring up your booking rate and give you justification for higher nightly fees. All of this results in higher profits.

Your consultant will be addressing as much of the following as time allows in a 2-hour consultation (you will have the option of booking a longer consultation if you feel the extra time will be needed):

  • Your Targeted Guests - Your Larimar Airbnb consultant will help you narrow down who your desired guests are (families? business travelers?...) and compare that to who your most likely guests will be based on the size and layout of the property, geographical location, local amenities, nearby attractions, etc. How many nights (typically) will the people most attracted to your Airbnb be booking? From there you and consultant will be able to create the profile for your targeted guests.
  • Functionality - Your consultant will then assess the functionality of your Airbnb and determine if it adequately addresses the needs of your targeted guests, as well as the number of "heads in beds" (occupants) you're aiming to accommodate. We've encountered many Airbnb investors and hosts who aimed to squeeze as many occupants into their Airbnb as possible to collect the additional per-person fees, but only focused on increasing the number of beds without taking into consideration that those additional "heads" need more than just a place to sleep. More people in your Airbnb is going to mean more towels, more seating in the living and dining areas, more dishes, more silverware, more toilet paper, etc. Your consultant will also take into consideration the type of guests that will be and their needs. Are they business travelers in need a desk with ample workspace and a comfortable desk chair to do remote work? How fast is the internet speed in your Airbnb? How strong is the WiFi connection? Are your targeted guests families in need of a family-friendly Airbnb with things like child-proof locks on the cabinets, gates at the top and bottom of stairs, sippy cups, high chairs, and portable cribs? Is your Airbnb in the mountains where your guests are likely to expect you to provide sleds and/or toboggans, a fireplace, a snow shovel, etc? Is it located by the beach where guests will expect sand toys, beach towels, and boogie boards?  
  • Aesthetics - Will the Airbnb appeal to your targeted guests? Does the decor fit in with the region? Is a fun and quirky theme a good marketing strategy for this particular Airbnb? Or will your targeted guests be looking for something more neutral or sophisticated? Are you planning to renovate and need help selecting paint colors, finishes, and/or fixtures? Do you know the proper height for placing artwork on a wall? Is the existing furniture in your Airbnb the correct scale for the proportions of the rooms? What about balance and symmetry? 
  • Hospitality  When you open an Airbnb, you're entering the hospitality business. Today's Airbnb guests are looking for equal to or more than what they would receive from staying at a hotel. Larimar's consultant will ask you about your planned or existing policies and the amenities you're offering and recommend ways you can improve these areas to earn more 5-star reviews.
  • Inventory Checklist and Budget Estimate Worksheet - Either during or after your consultation, you will be provided with Larimar's detailed Airbnb Budget Worksheet (in MS Excel spreadsheet format, which can also be opened with Google Sheets), that will help you come up with an estimated minimum expenditure to set up or refresh your Airbnb. This worksheet is very comprehensive. It includes almost anything and everything an short-term rental could possibly need, including but not limited to furniture, bedding, kitchenware, coffee bar supplies, cleaning supplies, bath amenities, and much more. To come up with your budget using this worksheet, simply enter the quantities of the items needed for your Airbnb and leave the rest of the quantity fields empty or set to zero. If you would like additional assistance assessing the scope of work and a realistic budget for all the purchases needed, Larimar helps with that in Phase 1: Design Planning.

Consultation Fee: $250 for up to 2 hours.  

Consultation Options: 

  • On-Site Consultations - An in-person consultation at your Airbnb is ideal, since this will give your consultant the opportunity to get a close look at all areas of the property. An additional free for travel will be incurred for any rental properties beyond a 1-hour drive from Rancho Cucamonga, California, where our office is located. Alternatively, you can book an online consultation using Zoom (see next option).
  • Online Consultations - An alternative for those with Airbnbs more than 60-minutes from Larimar's office, and who would like to avoid paying the additional travel fee. We can offer this consultation, as well as the first package listed below (Budget, Design, and Shopping List), for any Airbnb in the United States, Canada, or Australia. 
  • An Additional 1-2 Hours - Our basic Airbnb Consultation last up to 2 hours, but we also offer 3 and 4-hour consultations at a rate of $125 for each additional hour. We recommend booking additional time for properties over 1,500 sq ft. 

Within a couple of business days after your consultation, you will be emailed a custom proposal for the Phases 1 and 2 described below.


Whether you're starting from the beginning with furnishing, decorating, and stocking a brand new Airbnb, or you're looking to give an existing one a makeover, the process happens in phases. In Phase 1, Larimar's Airbnb specialist will help you determine a realistic budget, create a design plan, and compile a shopping list for everything needed.

Here's what included in this package:

  • Budget Review - If you've elected to move forward with this package, your designer will work with you to further refine the budget you came up with using our Excel Budget Estimate Worksheet (which you would've received before or during the Consultation above), what your aesthetic and hospitality goals are for this Airbnb, and recommend any needed changes to your initial budget calculations to achieve these goals. 
  • Design Plan - Once a realistic budget has been determined, Larimar's designer will move forward with a Design Plan for your Airbnb. Our basic Airbnb Design Plan will be illustrated in full color concept boards. 3D renderings will also be offered for an additional fee.
  • Sourcing - Most items in your Airbnb Design Plan will be sourced from online retailers, so you will know exactly where to purchase these items. The only items that are difficult to source online are small decor pieces that are usually less expensive when purchased locally from stores such as Target, Home Goods, or At Home. However, the selections offered at these stores are constantly changing, and therefore hard to source in advance. Another one of the add-ons Larimar offers, if your Airbnb is in our service area, is procurement services for these decor items (see Add-Ons below). 
  • Shopping List - After your Airbnb Design Plan is created, and all items in the plan have been sourced, a Shopping List will be provided to you so you know exactly where to purchase these items. Clickable links will be provided to make it even easier for you. From this point, you can either handle procurement (shopping, tracking, receiving, storage, and delivery) of all these items yourself, or you can proceed with Larimar's Procurement Services, which are described under "Airbnb Setup" further down this page.


There's a lot of hours (accumulatively, we're talking days' or even weeks' worth), people, trucks, fuel, and other resources that go into setting up a new Airbnb (or any other type of furnished rental, long or short term). Here's a list of everything you'll either have to commit to doing yourself (do you even have this kind of time?) or hire Larimar to take care of all or some of it for you:

  • Placing online orders and shopping at local brick and mortar stores
  • Tracking online orders
  • Receiving online orders and deliveries from local furniture stores (which usually have a delivery window of at least 2-4 hours, and someone will need to wait around to inspect and sign for these deliveries)
  • Unboxing, unwrapping, and inspecting orders to ensure the correct items and quantities were delivered in good condition
  • Contacting vendors to resolve any issues that occur with shipments or deliveries
  • Re-boxing any incorrect or damaged orders that need to be returned to the vendor
  • Re-wrapping items to protect them while in storage and in transit to the Airbnb (unless all items can be shipped to or delivered directly to the Airbnb and stored there)
  • Storage of all items until the Airbnb is ready (storage units will be needed if the property is being renovated or it's already in use)
  • Transport of all items from storage to the Airbnb
  • Assembly of all furniture that arrived in boxes (which will be most of it)
  • Placing and arranging the furniture (which may involve carrying items up and down staircases and other logistical challenges)
  • Hanging artwork
  • Washing all kitchenware (plates, bowls, cups, spoons, knives, forks, pots, pans, etc.)
  • Putting away all the kitchenware in the cabinets and drawers
  • Setting up a well-stocked coffee bar (a must for today's Airbnbs)
  • Laundering all linens (blankets, sheets, towels, etc.)
  • Making all the beds
  • Stocking the bathrooms with towels, toilet paper, bath amenities, etc.
  • Folding and putting away all the extra bedding and towels
  • Stocking cleaning supplies
  • Disposal of all packaging waste (cardboard, styrofoam, plastic... there will be enough to fill at least a 10' box truck)
  • Professional photography for marketing

Whew! That's a lot of work! Here are the packages Larimar offers to help: 

  • Full Service Airbnb Setup - This package includes everything listed above.
  • Without Storage and Transport - Everything above except storage. This option is only offered by Larimar if everything can be delivered directly to and stored at the Airbnb being serviced, and Larimar will be given unrestricted access to the Airbnb so we can 1) wait for and sign off on deliveries; 2) spend time in the Airbnb assembling furniture (normally done at the storage units or our facilities before transporting to the Airbnb), and washing the kitchenware and linens. In other words, with this option, our team needs to be able to do the work we would do at the storage units or our facilities at the rental property instead.
  • Installation, Styling, and Photography Only - You, the client, will commit to taking responsibility for all procurement steps: placing, tracking, receiving, and inspecting all orders, storage, and transport from storage. Larimar will arrive at the property when all of the inventory is there and take care of the rest, including furniture assembly, furniture placement, washing kitchenware, laundering linens, folding and putting everything away, hanging art, making beds, hauling away packaging waste, and photography. 
  • Styling and Photography Only -  You will commit to handling all procurement steps themselves (ordering, tracking, receiving, inspecting, storage, and transport), as well as furniture assembly, washing all kitchenware and linens, and hauling away all packaging waste. After you've gotten all the inventory to the Airbnb, assembled and washed, and hauled away the packaging waste, Larimar will take it from there: putting everything away, arranging the furniture, hanging art, and making beds. As with all the other options, we will also take care of procuring your marketing photos of the interior and exterior of the property.

Both Larimar's Consultation and Phase 1 are prerequisites to any of the above Phase 2 packages.

Why do we include photography in our setup packages instead of our marketing package? We actually offer photography in both. If we design and setup your Airbnb, we're going to want those photos for our portfolio, and we're happy to get exterior shots, as well, and share all of these photos with you for your own marketing purposes. If you proceed with either our Hosting Package or Marketing Package below (or both), we will be providing additional photos. Read on to learn more. 

We also offer Designer-On-Call packages of prepaid blocks of hours for do-it-yourself types who would like to handle all of Phase 2 themselves, but could use a little guidance and assistance along the way. Your will receive a custom quote for one of all all of the above option and packages after the scope of work has been assessed during your consultation.

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