home staging consultations


Professional listing prep coaching for home sellers starting at $250.

Available both in-person and online.

Here’s what to expect during your custom coaching session:

  • All of our consultations are provided by TJ McArdle, Principal Stylist and CEO of Larimar Home Staging. TJ is an award-winning home stager with multiple credentials, including OCS (certified Occupied Consultation Specialist). As an OCS, TJ is trained specifically in advising home sellers who will be living in the house while it's on the market.
  • TJ isn't showing up to your house to judge your decorating choices. She's there to help you make more money. But to do this, she must give recommendations for edits to your home that will help it accommodate the needs and aesthetic tastes of your targeted buying demographic, which may be different from yours. More often than not, the targeted buyer is in a different generation than the home seller, so the tastes and needs of the buyer who's willing to offer the most money may be quite different from your own needs and tastes. Please don't take this personally.
  • Once TJ arrives to your house, she'll need to get started right away, so that you'll get the most value for your consultation fee. This type of consultation is referred to as a "walk and talk" in the home staging industry. TJ will “walk and talk” while you take notes. She'll be viewing the home from the perspective of both home buyers and the camera lens that will be taking the all-important marketing photos. TJ knows how to make a room appear larger. She knows how to draw the buyers' eyes to the selling features of a home, and downplay anything that may be perceived as a flaw. She knows which colors photograph the best and which palettes and styles are the most popular with your targeted buyer. 
  • TJ will be offering recommendations for any updates to the house she believes will help you get a higher return on your investment. For example, she may suggest a fresh coat of paint in some areas (she'll specify the color, so you won't have to guess), or she may suggest one or more light fixtures be replaced. She'll offer recommendations that work with your time frame and budget in mind. As she's moves through the house with you and addresses specific areas, if you let her know that there isn’t time and/or money for her initial suggestion, she’ll offer a “Plan B”. If “Plan B” isn’t possible, she'll do her best to come up with a “Plan C”.
  • TJ will specify which items should be pre-packed and removed from the house (you can decide which of those items you'll put into storage, which to sell, which to donate, etc). She'll also determine if any of the furniture, artwork, or accessories that will remain in the home should be rearranged. 

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