Pre-Listing Coaching

  • This service is what many in the home staging industry refer to as an "Occupied Staging Consultation." We've discovered that many prospects hear "consultation" and confuse that with a simple preview of the home to offer an estimate. So we've opted to call our consultation "Coaching" to better reflect what this service involves. Coaching is not exclusive to homes that have yet to hit the market, however. We could also call it Post-Listing Coaching if we're needed to help identify why a listing has languished on the market and what can be done to start receiving offers. 
  • Our Coaching includes a detailed written report that we call a "Action Plan", which will detail all of the following: 
  • Recommendations for any updates (fresh paint, updated fixtures, etc), that will raise the perceived value of the home in the eyes of potential buyers.
  • If we determine a fresh coat of painted is needed anywhere within the home or on the exterior, we will provide a specific color or color palette, eliminating any guess-work for the client.
  • We will include sourcing, photos and links to many of the products we may be recommending, such as new bedding, lighting fixtures, hardware, etc., so that the client will have the convenience of simply clicking on the link that will take them to an online source for purchase.
  • We will identify which items should be prepacked and moved into storage to depersonalize and neutralize the home. This allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living there and begin forming an emotional attachment, motivating them to place an offer. 
  • We will choose which furniture pieces should be rearranged or put into storage to open up the space and give the perception of more square footage. We also take into consideration which layout will photograph best for MLS, as well as look better from the vantage point of the buyers as they are touring the property. 
  • We will provide instructions to all of our occupied listing clients for refreshing their stage prior to every open house and showing. 
  • Upon submission of the Action Plan, and if the listing is within our service area, we will include a proposal for our Photo Prep service and a Rental Package for any items we feel will enhance the presentation of the property for MLS photos, open houses and showings. 
On-Site Coaching

starting at $300*

  • Everything described above in an on-site consultation at the listing. We'll visit the home to gather measurements, photos and some quick notes to help us prepare detailed, written instructions back at our office, which will be emailed to the client and their listing agent (if the agent hired us) within two business days. 
  • The fee for coaching is 10 cents per square foot with a minimum starting price of $300. There will be an additional travel fee of $2 per driving mile for any home outside a 10 miles-radius of Larimar's home office in zip code 91739.
 Remote Coaching

starting at $250

  • Everything described above using Zoom and still photos the client will provide. Remote Coaching involves no in-person contact unless the client chooses to have us return for our add-on Photo Prep service.
  • The fee for remote coaching is 10 cents per square foot, minus a $50 discount, with a $250 minimum. There will be an additional travel fee of $2 per driving mile for any home outside a  10 miles-radius of Larimar's home office in zip code 91739.
  • Available for any property in the US or Canada