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Home staging is a proven marketing strategy that elevates the perceived value of the home in the eyes of potential buyers, resulting in higher offers and fewer days on market. Home staging is visual merchandising using the talents of trained stylists to ensure the home will appeal to the aesthetic tastes and needs of the targeted buying demographic.

Larimar Home Staging offers both occupied home staging ("occupied" meaning the homeowners or someone else will be living in the home while it's on the market) and vacant home staging. Our vacant staging service is only available for new builds or homes in which the homeowners and all others will have moved out of the home and taken all of their belongings with them prior to staging day. 

Occupied Home Staging

$150 per hour, 4-hour minimum

  • We call this "Photo Prep" as it should be the very last thing done before MLS photos are taken. A separate Pre-Listing Consultation is a prerequisite to this service. The preliminary consultation will allow us to assess the scope of work so we can return on Photo Prep day with a clear plan, rather than walking in blind and "winging it". The consultation also gives us the opportunity to instruct the homeowners on what should be completed prior to Photo Prep day to ensure we're using our time efficiently, and therefore more likely to finish before the pre-booked, pre-paid time has expired. 
  • On Photo Prep day, we will arrive to the property and spend the pre-booked, pre-paid hours styling the home using the furniture, art, accessories, bedding, and towels the homeowners already have on hand. Minimum starting fee is $600 for 4 hours for homes within a 30-minute drive. A small additional travel fee will apply for homes more than 30 minutes away.
  • Clients seeking to rent any of Larimar's furniture, art, and/or accessories to supplement what the homeowners' already have for an owner-occupied listing will receive a custom proposal after the required preliminary consultation is completed, which can be booked here
  • Photo Prep is a styling service only. "Styling" is defined as possible edits to furniture arrangements, repositioning of artwork, rearranging the items on bookshelves, countertops, and other surfaces, and styling beds. This service does not include cleaning, repairs, painting, or other cosmetic updates to the fixed finishes of the home, or transporting any of the clients' belongings to off-site storage. Any necessary repairs, cleaning, etc., must be completed prior to our arrival. 
  • START HERE by booking the mandatory preliminary consultation. After the consultation is completed, you will receive a custom proposal for further services. Click here to read a more detailed explanation of what a home staging consultation includes.

Vacant Home Staging

call 909-256-9411 for a custom quote

  • Larimar's vacant home staging service is only available for listings that will not be lived in or used by any persons, at any time, for any duration, while the home is staged.
  • A quote will be provided after we've been able to preview the property. Variables considered in the fees are the number of rooms to be staged, size of the rooms (which will determine the quantity and scale of the furniture, rugs and artwork needed), number of movers needed, number and size of trucks needed, travel distance/time to and from our warehouse, and any logistical challenges our moving team will need to navigate such as stairs, steep driveways, limited parking, etc.
  • Cost of staging can be reduced by electing to leave the less important rooms unfurnished, such as secondary bedrooms. However, Larimar will fully and properly furnish each room the clients elect to stage using appropriately scaled furnishings, rugs, and art for the proportions of the room. We do not offer "light" or "accessory-only" staging for vacant listings. 
  • Our initial contract fee covers up to 60 days or until contingencies are removed, whichever comes first. Extensions are available upon request for an additional fee.
  • Previews of the home to gather the information needed to prepare a quote are provided free of charge, but do not include any recommendations or staging plans until our contract has been signed and full payment has been received. If you're looking for recommendations for paint colors, fixtures, finishes, etc, please book a consultation. Clients undergoing renovations before listing will receive complimentary design guidance after signing our contract and remitting full payment for staging.
  • Call us at 909-256-9411 to get a free quote. We will offer 2-5 options in different price points, starting with the minimum number of rooms we will stage up to the entire home.

Larimar Home Staging is based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and we are happy to serve most of Southern California, including our neighbors in Upland, Ontario, and Fontana, as well as the rest of the Inland Valleys of San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County, and the San Gabriel Valley. We will travel as far as two hours, one way, from our warehouse in zip code 91739, but please understand that our quotes for any staging service that involves our assets and trucks will reflect the costs of payroll hours for travel time and the fuel needed for our vehicles, as well as any other logistical challenges we may encounter. Therefore, if you're a Realtor who has received a quote from us for a home outside our immediate service area that was a little too high for your or your clients' budget, please reach out to us again when you have a listing closer to Rancho Cucamonga.

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