Home Staging Packages

Photo Styling for Occupied Listings

starting at $1,500

  • Every home is custom quoted. Our minimum fee for this service starts at $1,500, which includes recommendations for cosmetic updates that will raise the perceived value of the home, a written pre-listing checklist, up to 6 hours of styling prior to photography, and a set of marketing photos for MLS. Additional hours beyond the first six, if needed, will be charged at a rate of $200 per hour. 
  • This service is for listings that will be occupied by people and/or pets, and/or the homeowners' furnishings while it is on the market.
  • Our service for occupied listings includes a minimum of two visits to the home. More may be needed depending on the size of the house.
  • During the first visit, we will assess the home's needs and take photos and measurements. There will be no charge for this visit as it is only for the purpose of gathering the info we'll need to prepare a proposal. No advice, recommendations or staging plans will be shared during the first visit. This visit will not be necessary if we have previously been called in to provide one of our paid consultations
  • If the clients accept our proposal, we will start by creating a checklist of updates to the home we recommend, which items should be prepacked, and what needs to be cleaned. Any recommendations the clients choose to implement must be completed prior to our return to style the home in preparation for the marketing photos. All prepacking and cleaning must also be completed prior to staging.
  • After the home sellers are finished with any repairs and updates to the home they elected to complete, decluttered and prepacked the items identified by Larimar's Consultant as items that will be a distraction to buyers and/or shrink the perceived square footage of the home, and completed all deep cleaning necessary, a Larimar Styling team will return to the home to prepare it for marketing photos. The photos are included in this package on the condition that the choice of photographer, date and time of photography are all chosen by Larimar. 
  • This service does not include cleaning, packing or moving of clients property to storage. Those tasks will be the responsibility of the client and must be completed prior to staging. 

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Vacant Listing Staging

starting at $5,000

  • Larimar's Vacant Staging service is available for listings that will not be occupied by any persons and/or pets at any time while on the market.
  • The initial invoice and contract for vacant staging will cover planning, preparation, loading, delivery, unloading, assembly, styling, marketing photos, applicable taxes, placement of Larimar's props for up to 60 days  or until contingencies have cleared (whichever comes first), and destaging. An extension of the contract will be available, if needed, for a monthly fee after the initial 60 days. 
  • Our minimum fee for vacant staging starts at $5,000. This package includes furniture and decor for one living area, one dining area, kitchen, the primary bedroom, primary bathroom, and up to 3 additional bathrooms. Fees increase to stage additional areas, larger-than-average areas, homes outside our immediate service area (Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario and Fontana), and logistical challenges (service elevators, limited parking, steep driveways, etc).
  • The areas described above are the heart of the home and are the most important to home buyers. Staging anything less isn't going to be effective.

  • Staging is a real estate marketing service, not an interior design collaboration with the home seller or listing agent. All selections of the assets provided by Larimar, color palette, style and layout of the furnishings will be at the discretion of Larimar and chosen for the purpose of getting the best MLS photos and marketing the home in a way that will appeal to the targeted buying demographic.
  • Estimates and quotes are provided free of charge, but do not include any recommendations or staging plans. If the home will be undergoing any remodeling or renovations prior to staging, we offer a paid consultation for recommendations on updates to paint colors, finishes, fixtures, etc., all of which-should clients choose to implement-must be completed prior to staging.
  • This service does not include cleaning, packing or moving of clients property to storage. Those tasks will be the responsibility of the client and must be completed prior to staging. 

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