Professional Home Staging services

Home staging is a proven marketing strategy that elevates the perceived value of the home in the eyes of potential buyers, resulting in higher offers and fewer days on market. Home staging is visual merchandising using the talents of trained stylists to ensure the home will appeal to the aesthetic tastes and needs of the targeted buying demographic.

Larimar Home Staging offers both occupied home staging ("occupied" meaning the homeowners or someone else will be living in the home while it's on the market) and vacant home staging. Our vacant staging service is only available for new builds or homes in which the homeowners and all others will have moved out of the home and taken all of their belongings with them prior to staging day. 

Occupied Home Staging

  • We refer to this as our "Photo Prep" service, and it is available for homes in which people will be using and/or living in the home at any time, for any duration, while it is staged. 
  • We will start with a mandatory paid consultation in the home with the homeowners. We will use the consultation as an opportunity to assess the amount of work to be done and prepare a custom proposal for Photo Prep, which will be scheduled for a separate date at least four business days after the consultation.
  • During Photo Prep, one or more of Larimar's stylists will return to the home to visually merchandise it by repurposing what the homeowners already have available. We will style the beds and edit the layout of the furniture, artwork and accessories as needed to create the best setting for the marketing photos, open house, and in-person viewings. 
  • Our Photo Prep service does not include packing or cleaning. During the consultation, clients will be provided with a to-do list to get the home before our return visit to style the house in preparation for marketing photos. 
  • If we feel the clients will benefit from renting any of Larimar's assets (furniture, lamps, art, accessories, etc), the fee for delivery, rental, and retrieval of these items will be included in our the proposal that will submitted after the mandatory paid consultation. Larimar may decline, at our sole discretion, to provide any of our own assets for any reason. 

Vacant Home Staging

  • Larimar's vacant home staging service is only available for listings that will not be lived in or used by any persons, at any time, for any duration, while the home is staged. All furnishings and accessories used to stage the home will be selected and provided by Larimar and Larimar only.
  • A firm quote will be provided after we've been able to preview the property in person. Variables considered in the fees are the number of rooms to be staged, size of the rooms (which will determine the quantity and scale of the furniture, rugs and artwork needed), number of movers needed, number and size of trucks needed, travel distance/time to and from our warehouse, and any logistical challenges our moving team will need to navigate such as stairs, steep driveways, limited parking, etc.
  • Services include planning, sourcing, packing, delivery, unloading, assembly, styling, marketing photos that the clients are free to use for MLS, rental of our assets for up to 60 days, destaging and restocking. Extension of the rental agreement will be available for an additional fee, if the home needs to remain staged beyond the first 60 days. 
  • Previews of the home to gather the information needed to prepare a quote are provided free of charge, but do not include any recommendations or staging plans until our staging contract has been signed and full payment has been submitted. If the clients are unsure that they'll want to move forward with staging, but are looking for recommendations for paint colors, fixtures, finishes, etc, or if they wish for us to divulge our specific staging plan in advance, we offer a paid consultation. If the clients move forward with Larimar's staging services, the consultation fee will be credited toward the balance due for staging.

For vacant listings, Larimar will visually merchandise the home using new, on-trend, furniture, art and accessories that we have carefully curated for our inventory. We are not staging homes using outdated, mismatched, worn-out junk scrounged up from garage sales and thrift stores. For staging to be effective, it must be done using quality, on-trend furnishings in excellent, new or like-new condition, and we've made a substantial investment in the assets we use to stage our clients' homes.

For occupied listings, we will do our best to style the home using exclusively what the homeowners already have in the home, or we may offer to rent additional items from our inventory, such as furniture, lamps, artwork and accessories.

A home staging company is not the same as a furniture rental business. Home staging and furniture rental companies are entirely different industries and business models. Home staging is a real estate marketing service. Home stagers are not in business to merely rent out our assets. Furthermore, while many home stagers are talented interior decorators and designers who also provide separate decorating and design services (under a different fee structure), when home stagers are hired to stage a home, we are not engaging in a custom interior design collaboration with the home seller, listing agent, broker or investor. The selection of items that will be rented and the placement and arrangement of these assets within the home will be at the sole discretion of Larimar's expert stylists, who have been extensively trained in how to effectively market your listing to your targeted buyer. We at Larimar know how to arrange furniture to make rooms appear larger. We know how to draw the buyers' eyes to the selling features of a home, and downplay any perceived flaws. We know which colors photograph the best, and which palettes and styles are currently the most popular with your targeted demographic.

To help the home sellers prepare their house prior to staging day, Larimar also offers pre-listing consultations in which one of our designers will provide recommendations for paint colors, if needed, and other updates to the home. For occupied listings, this consultation will also include instructions for decluttering and neutralizing the home by specifying which items should be prepacked and removed from home prior to staging day.

Larimar's home staging services do not include implementation of the packing, cleaning, repairs, painting or other cosmetic updates, transporting any of the clients' belongings to storage, or putting any of the clients' furnishings back into the rooms and/or arrangements they were in prior to staging. Any necessary repairs and updates to the home must be completed prior to staging day, and the clients will be responsible for packing, moving, and storing their own belongings.

Larimar Home Staging is based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and we consider our immediate service area to be the valleys of the Inland Empire, but we are happy to serve most of Southern California. We will travel as far as 75 miles from our warehouse in zip code 91739, but please understand that our quotes for any staging service that involves our assets and trucks will reflect the costs of payroll hours for travel time and the fuel needed for our vehicles, as well as any other logistical challenges we may encounter.

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