Occupied Listings

starting at $800

  • Includes a minimum of two visits to the home, more if the clients rent any of Larimar's props. 
  • During the first visit we will assess the home's needs and take the photos and measurements needed to determine the scope of work. There will be no charge for this visit as it is simply for the purpose of gathering the info we'll need to prepare a proposal. No advice, recommendations or plans will be shared during this visit. This visit will not be necessary if we have previously been called in to provide one of our paid Consultations.
  • If the clients accept our proposal, we will start by submitting an Action Plan identifying updates to the home and prepacking that we  recommend the clients complete prior to our return. 
  •  *Starting price includes the written Action Plan and up to four hours of Property Styling. It does not include delivery, installation and rental of any of Larimar's props. This starting price will be lower if the clients have previously paid for a Consultation. Agents, please call us to inquire about special pricing on packages you can offer your clients in your listing services. 
  • This service does not include execution of any of the updates we recommend, cleaning, packing or moving of clients property to storage. Those tasks will be the responsibility of the client. 
Vacant Listings

starting at $3,500

  • Larimar's Vacant Staging Packages are available for listings that will not be occupied by any persons at any time while on the market.
  • Estimates and quotes are provided free of charge and does not include any recommendations. If the client would like us to share our design plan with them in advance, we are happy to provide that at the same rate we charge our interior design clients. 
  • If the home will be undergoing any remodeling or renovations prior to staging, we offer a paid Consultation for recommendations on paint colors, finishes, fixtures, etc. 
  • This service is not a custom interior design collaboration with the home seller or listing agent. All staging selections, color palette, style and layout will be at the discretion of Larimar. Home staging is a marketing strategy aimed at appealing to the targeted buying demographic, which Larimar predetermines before planning the stage. 
  • This service does not include cleaning, packing or moving of clients property to storage. Those tasks will be the responsibility of the client. 
  • The initial investment for vacant staging will include planning, delivery, installation, marketing photos, up to 30 days rental of the furnishings, applicable taxes, and destaging. An extension of the contract will be available, if needed, for a monthly fee after the initial 30 days.