Staging to Sell

Occupied Listings

starting at $250

  • An Occupied Listing is one in which there will be one or more people occupying the home while it's on the market. Larimar’s Prelisting Coaching Session is a prerequisite to the additional services we offer for occupied listings, which is our Photo Prep service, Rental Packages (of furniture, artwork, accessories, etc from our own inventory), and Shopping Services (for items needed that we are not able to rent to the clients). We will not be able to provide an estimate for any of these add-on services until the Coaching Session is complete, as that is when we take the opportunity to evaluate the scope of the work and rental items needed.
  • The written Preparation Plan that will be provided to the clients after their Coaching Session will identify which items should be prepacked and moved into storage to depersonalize and neutralize the listing. This allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home and begin forming an emotional connection to it.
  • The Preparation Plan will also include sourcing, photos and links to many of the products we will be recommending to the clients to update the property, such as paint colors, lighting fixtures, hardware, etc.
  • The Preparation Plan will identify which furniture pieces, if any, should be rearranged or put into storage to open create the perception of more square footage, as well as set a more optimal stage for MLS photos.  
  • During the Coaching Session, we will “shop” the home for items the homeowners has available that can be repurposed to style the property for MLS photos and showings. We will provide DIY styling instructions in the Prepartion Plan in the event the client chooses to go it alone after the completion of the Coaching Session. However, styling is difficult to teach, as it is a creative process. Therefore, we always recommend the client opt for Larimar to return for Photo Prep just before the MLS photos are taken. We will include a proposal for this service when we submit the Preparation Plan.
  • We will also provide instructions to all of our occupied listing clients for refreshing their stage prior to every open house and showing. For our Photo Prep clients, these instructions will be illustrated with photos showing how we arranged the decor on tables and shelves, how we made the beds and arranged accent pillows on the sofas, and so forth.
Vacant Listings

starting at $3,500

  • Larimar's Vacant Staging Packages are available for listings that will not be occupied by any persons at any time while on the market. We will provide all of the furniture, area rugs, artwork, plants, bedding, towels, and decorative accessories.
  • All selections will be at the discretion of Larimar Home Staging. Home staging is not a custom interior design collaboration with the home seller. It is a marketing strategy aimed at appealing to the targeted buying demographic, which Larimar predetermines before planning the stage. 
  • Ball park estimates for our vacant staging service can be provided over the phone after we've had an opportunity to ask several questions. For a firm quote, we usually need to visit the property to obtain measurements, photos, and assess any logistical challenges that may be present.
  • Estimates and quotes are provided free of charge. If the client would like us to share our design plan with them in advance, we are happy to provide that at the same rate we charge our interior design clients. 
  • If the home will be undergoing any remodeling or renovations prior to staging, we offer a paid design consultation for recommendations on paint colors, finishes, fixtures, etc. 
  • We do not offer "accessory only", "light staging" or virtual staging, but our proposal will include 2-3 packages in varying price ranges to choose from.
  • The initial investment for a vacant stage will include planning, delivery, installation, up to 60 days rental of the furnishings, and destaging. An extension of the contract will be available, if needed, for a monthly fee after the initial 60 days. 
  • We may be taking our own photos or we may opt to bring in a third party professional photographer to shoot the completed stage for our portfolio. If and when we obtain our own photos, we will grant permission to the listing agent and the home seller to use our photos for the purpose of marketing the listing.
  • Our staging service includes complimentary promotion of the listing on our social media platforms. We want to do everything we can to help our clients get thier listings sold quickly!