Home Staging services

The initial invoice and contract for staging vacant listings, or for staging occupied listings using any of Larimar's assets, will cover planning, preparation, loading, delivery, unloading, assembly, styling, marketing photos, applicable taxes, placement of Larimar's assets for up to 60 days (or until contingencies are removed, or up to within 3 business prior to close of escrow, whichever comes first), and destaging. After the initial 60 days, an extension of the contract will be available, if needed, for an additional fee.

Larimar's staging services do not include packing, cleaning, repairs, painting or other cosmetic updates to the home's fixed assets, or transporting any of the clients belongings to storage.  

Staging is a real estate marketing service, not an interior design collaboration with the home seller or listing agent. Should clients opt to have Larimar use any of our own assets to stage the home, the color palette, style and layout of the furniture and accessories will be at the sole discretion of Larimar and chosen for the purpose of marketing the home in a way that will appeal to the targeted buying demographic.

Occupied Listings

starting at $1,200

Includes Marketing Photos

  • This is our Photo Prep service for listings that will be occupied by people and/or animals, and/or the homeowners' furnishings while it is on the market.
  • Our minimum fee for staging an occupied listing is $1,200, which includes up to 6 hours on site and marketing photos. Additional time is $200 an hour and must be pre-booked.
  • The minimum fee includes styling services only using what the homeowners already have in the house. For those who are interested in a proposal for a furniture and accessory package, one of our consultations will be required in advance. The fee for the consultation will be credited toward the staging fee, if the clients choose to move forward with our staging proposal.

Vacant Listings

starting at $4,500 for up to 45 days

Includes Marketing Photos

  • Larimar's vacant staging service is available for listings that will not be occupied by any persons and/or animals at any time while on the market.
  • Our starting fee covers one living space (living room or family room), the kitchen, and all bathrooms for a home in our immediate service area (within a 15-mile radius of our warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga, California). Marketing photos are included.
  • Previews of the home to gather the information needed to prepare a quote are provided free of charge, but do not include any recommendations or staging plans until a staging contract has been signed and payment has been made. If the clients are unsure if they will want to move forward with staging, but are looking for recommendations for paint colors, fixtures, finishes, etc, we offer a paid consultation. The consultation fee will be credited toward the staging contract, should the clients wish to move forward.

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