What is home staging?

Home Staging definition

Airbnb Consultations

Get a custom consultation from a professional Airbnb Consultant who will provide recommendations that will help you get higher occupancy rates and allow you to charge higher rates.

on-site Consultations

starting at $250 plus travel fee

  • The consultation fee is determined by square footage of the home and distance from our office in Rancho Cucamonga, and will cover up to one hour on-site and the time spent back at our office to complete the market research on the short-term rental competition in the same area. 
  • While in the rental property, we'll gather measurements, photos and some quick notes to help us prepare our recommendations, which will be emailed to the clients within two business days.
  • Our on-site consultations are available for any property in Southern California within a 100-mile radius of Rancho Cucamonga.

Online Consultations

starting at $250

  • A consultation on the Zoom app (free and available for desktops, iPads and smart phones). The clients will be responsible for taking photos, video and measurements and providing those to Larimar prior to the consultation.
  • The consultation fee is determined by square footage of the home and covers up to one hour of Zoom time with the property owners and/or hosts, as well as the time spent on market research and time to prepare the recommendations in a written format. The recommendations will be delivered via email within two business days of the Zoom call.
  • Our online consultation are available for any property in the US or Canada.

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